Something Bitter Exhibition - Lime Tree Theatre

Something Bitter Exhibition

Robert Downey.
“Something Bitter…”
Oil on canvas


This series of work is a celebration and satire of my daily grievances as I wouldn’t be happy if I’d nothing
to complain about. The imagery is focused on a range of negative emotions and fears stemmed from the
lockdowns, such as depression, jealousy, bitterness, failure, isolation etc. These are not qualities that we
associate with productivity or generally admirable traits. Instead of ignoring these feelings within me, I
have used them to my advantage to produce work and to create a sustainable process by which I use
these emotions to create imagery long term until the time comes that I suddenly convert to optimism.
By projecting these internal feelings into a physical space, it is easier to poke fun at them as they don’t
hold up to critical thinking regardless of how relevant they feel. As these works deal with sensitive
personal issues, they are constructed using my own visual language and symbolism. The images
depicted are metaphorical scenes formed from abstract strands of thoughts and emotions created
through a process of collage and word association brought together through the medium of oils.
Although they feature images with text, they are not posters, so you’d be wrong to think I’m trying to
clarify a meaning to you.” – Robert Downey


Robert Downey is a visual artist based in the southwest of Ireland. His practice is studio-based, with a focus on the disciplines of painting, photography, sculpture, and writing. His interests focus on the self and dark or irreverent humour of daily life. He is a graduate of Fine Art Painting from Limerick School of Art and Design and is an emerging visual artist.


Something Bitter runs in Belltable Foyer from Thursday 11 November.

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