Japanese Film Festival - Lime Tree Theatre

Japanese Film Festival

The Japanese Film Festival Ireland returns to Belltable for its 14th edition this April, with an exciting programme that will bring the best of Japanese cinema to audiences in Limerick.

Shin Ultraman | Belltable | 12 April, 5pm

The arrival of giant ‘kaiju’ (alien monsters) on Earth prompts the Japanese government to set up the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol enforcement unit to coordinate the world’s response to the alien threat.


Just Remembering | Belltable | 12 April, 8pm

Just Remembering is a relationship drama told in reverse order. Yo is a taxi driver who gets brief glimpses into her passengers’ lives as she shuttles them around Tokyo. Her ex-boyfriend Teruo is a theater worker whose dreams of becoming a professional dancer were dashed by a bad injury.


Come By Anytime | Belltable | 13 April, 5pm

For decades, the self-taught ramen master Masamoto Ueda and his wife Kazuko have run Bizentei – a tiny Tokyo ramen joint. After forty years in business, Bizentei has its own little community of regulars, and many of them have funny or moving stories to share about their personal connections with Masamoto’s ramen.


Plan 75 | Belltable | 13 April, 8pm

Set in a not-too-distant future, Plan 75 imagines a Japan where the government has introduced a ‘voluntary euthanasia’ scheme in a bid to combat the challenges posed by an ageing population.


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