EXHIBITION: Women From The Inside - Lime Tree Theatre

EXHIBITION: Women From The Inside

8th – 25th March – Belltable Foyer

Women from the Inside is a photographic project celebrating the women of Limerick. It explores what it means to be a woman living in the city in 2022 and captures the diversity of the feminine through an unconventional and candid lens. It attempts to capture the ways in which we connect with our feminine power and beauty beyond the rigid standards imposed on us by mass media and societal norms. Through this collective and collaborative work, we can create a new concept of being feminine in the 21st century. Through the mediums of photography and video of real and authentic women, we can see ourselves reflected in other women and we can appreciate our own beauty.
Four women artists and creatives came together to facilitate this project. Clara Planelles, Maria McSweeney, Clara McSweeney and Jane Fraser. Over 30 women from Limerick city displaying a range of backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities participated in this project. This project was supported and funded by the Arts council of Irelands Agility Award and the Belltable Limerick.

The exhibition opens on International Women’s Day, Tuesday 8th March.


Woman from the inside

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