TravFest Short Film Showcase - Lime Tree Theatre

TravFest Short Film Showcase

Presented by The Gaff, Limerick Traveller Health and Learning Hub Limerick

Beady Pockets | IRL | 4 mins | Director: Alice McDowell

Artist and GTM Community Employment Supervisor, Annemarie McDonagh shares the method and very special meaning of the Beady Pocket – a unique traditional garment, designed and worn by Traveller women.

Crown: Hair in Traveller Culture | IRL |6 mins | Director: Mia Mullarkey

In this short film created by the award-winning filmmaker Mia Mullarkey featuring a portrait exhibition, some of the Traveller/Mincéir women speak of their connection to their hair.

Urban Cowboiz | GERMANY | 3 mins | Director: Katharina Muske

Stuttgart-based director Katharina Muske’s high energy film highlights a key component of the English and Irish Traveller culture – a strong kinship to their horses.

Being Put Back Together | IRL | 15 mins | Director: David McDonagh

This film follows the journey of Kaylen McDonagh as he discovers photography and how it helps him in dealing with life. Through the film we witness the changes in Kaylen as he reflects on his life.

TravFest Short Film Showcase


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He traces the origins of his passion for visual art and reaches out to people in the wider community practicing their own art forms. This film will screen in Belltable for TravFest as part of an evening of short films and discussion on the portrayal of Travellers through film.
TravFest is a new festival celebrating Traveller culture and is funded by Creative Ireland and The Arts Council.


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