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The Republic of Children – Republika Dzieci

As part of the Polish Arts Festival 2022

Republic of Children | Jan Jakub Kolski | 2021 | Subtitles | PG
In the winter of 1903, a bunch of figures created by the master painter Jacek Malczewski escape the canvas.

The Republic of Children – Republika Dzieci


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Fauns, chimeras, vodniks, undines, and other fantastic creatures brought to life by a paintbrush of the famed artist are transported to wetlands in contemporary Poland, to a place known as Mszary.

A large hydroelectric power plant is about to start operating nearby. The water will flood thousands of hectares of land. A second group of runaways sets out from an orphanage in a village designated for inundation. This one consists of children opposing the decisions of adults that are meant to separate them forever.

Tobiasz, a boy who was among the figures transported to the future straight from Malczewski’s paintings, decides to join them and becomes their leader. He is is being followed by Rafał, his guardian angel. The natives of Mszary must manage the unexpected visit of outsiders on their territory. Will the residents of wetlands help the young dissidents create the Republic of Children they’ve been dreaming of?

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