The Macbeth Session: Profit Before People - Lime Tree Theatre

The Macbeth Session: Profit Before People

Presented by Cyclone Theatre Company

The Macbeth Session gives Shakespeare a modern twist to create a relevant and thought-provoking production of one of Shakespeare’s classics.

Running time 100 minutes, including Q&A sessions with the students. Suitable for age 16 to 18 yrs.

Performances take place in Lime Tree Theatre. All Bookings via Cyclone Rep ONLY. Click the Book button and follow the link to book your school. For all further booking information, call Cyclone Rep on 021 235 5356


The Macbeth Session: Profit Before People


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As usual with Cyclone Rep productions, this Session is an abridged version of the play that remains true to the text and follows the plot from beginning to end. It
includes powerful performances from long time company collaborators Marcus Bale, Paula McGlinchey and Peadar Donohoe, as well as discussions on
characters and themes, interactive audience Q&A sections and filmed sequences highlighting the supernatural elements that haunt Macbeth.

Along with Ambition, other themes and topics reviewed will be Kingship, Corruption, The Patriarchal World, Good vs. Evil, Blood and Guilt and Appearance
vs. Reality. A comprehensive Resource Handout has been designed for the students to help further in their understanding of the play and themes.


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