The Bualadh BOP Festival Night - Lime Tree Theatre

The Bualadh BOP Festival Night

Bualadh Bos Children’s Festival 2022


Join the party at Lime Tree Theatre with DJ Aoife Nic Canna, storyteller Sinéad O’Brien and FIRESTORM – an outdoor fire show presented by ROGU.

Age 8+

Pay It Forward: Click here if you would like to donate a ticket to a child in vulnerable circumstances.

The Bualadh BOP Festival Night

Bualadh Bop

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The Bualadh BOP is a fun filled festival night and a key part of our family weekend at the Bualadh Bos Children’s Festival. Curated by the Bualadh Bos Children’s Panel, the Bualadh Bop is an evening of music, dancing, storytelling and a spectacular fire show.



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