Messin' in the Musical Metaverse - Lime Tree Theatre

Messin’ in the Musical Metaverse

Bualadh Bos Festival 2021

Music Generation Limerick City present

Messin’ in the Musical Metaverse

A Livestream for Primary Schools

Click here to view this Musical Metaverse Show at any time during your school day.

The Musical Metaverse: Last year Music Generation Limerick City’s team of musicians got into all sorts of bother when they found themselves lost between the multiverses. Just as they think they’re sorted and back where they belong, something slightly strange happens and they slip into their maddest adventure yet – the musical metaverse.

Messin’ in the Musical Metaverse

Where are they? Who are they? Why are they?

Will they get out? Has anyone noticed they’re gone? Did they turn the immersion off?

None of these questions will be answered satisfactorily, but a lot of musical fun will be had along the way.

The Musical Metaverse is devised and performed by the MGLC team and special guests from Ireland’s music scene. The show can be enjoyed as a standalone, but is also the opening of MGLC’s year long national school programme, open to all schools.

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