Irish Shorts Programme 1 - Lime Tree Theatre

Irish Shorts Programme 1

Presented by Catalyst International Film Festival.

A series of seven Irish short films, from a range of genres. Scroll down for the full programme description.

These Irish films are a true testament to the diversity of directorial voices that Irish cinema has to offer. From genre to romcom, from social drama to satire all convey powerful narratives through protagonists whose stories are often not seen on screen.

Irish Shorts Programme 1

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You’re Not Home • Derek Ugochukwu
Lamb • Sinéad O’Loughlin
Safe As Houses • Mia Mullarkey
Haven • Mo O’Connell
Wednesday’s Child • Laura O’Shea
Uprooted • Feidlim Cannon, Gary Keegan

Try and Touch • Nell Hensey

Curated as an emotional ride, the films use the cinematic medium differently to tackle their characters’ conflicts. Heartwarming for some, thought-provoking for others, all are deeply engaging and compelling and provide an authentic insight into the different experiences of each of the main characters.


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