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Film, Photography & Animation Showcase

Presented by College of FET, Mulgrave Street campus
This event is a showcase of new Short Films, Animation and Digital Photography all from College of Further Education and Training, Mulgrave St Campus, Creative Media and Art and Design learners.

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Film, Photography & Animation Showcase


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Poison Ivy is a harrowing tale of jealousy and manipulation in a young love. As Ivy, a lovely young woman, is ecstatic to move in with her caring boyfriend, Jason, she is unaware of what evil brews behind her back. When she does discover Jason’s diabolical plans, it might be too late…

Directed by Callaghan Keogh & Udita Mishra | Produced by Ella Dunne

Written by Callaghan Keogh, Udita Mishra, Ella Dunne, James Enright, John-Anthony Dooley, Adrian Szejka, Viktoria Makulova, Rocky Meaney and Tomas Garvey

Starring Lauren Kelly and Padraig Harrington

Entity: In an effort to help a lowly friend to overcome his anxiety, a group of misfits plan a camping trip in a secluded forest. As day falls in to night, and members of the group begin disappearing, it becomes apparent that they’re not alone.

Directed by Ellie Earls and Philip Wright | Written by Ellie Earls, Locrian Gaumont, Roisin Connolly, and Padraig Harrington

Starring Locrian Gaumont, Roisin Connolly, Padraig Harrington, and Conor O’Donnell

Loss: Loss is a story about a man’s struggle to move on from his past, his wife and his farm. Peter, an old Irish farmer, has to reluctantly sell his farm, his last attachment to his dead wife, as the country shifts towards manufacturing and farming is no longer profitable.

Directed by Fionn Grogan | Produced by Marsel Donchi and Mackenzie Colbert

Written by Fionn Grogan and Marsel Donchi | Starring Paul Grogan and Janet Grogan

Forgiveness: As Johnny comes to terms with his sexuality, he is faced with coming out to his parents. With his father banishing him from the family, a 20-year excommunication ensues. Finally, with his father ailing from old age, Johnny returns home to seek his forgiveness. However, as he soon finds out, old habits die hard.

Directed by Conor O’Donnell | Written by Conor O’Donnell, Gerard Keane,

Starring Locrian Gaumont, Roisin Connolly, Philip Wright, and Ger Keane

Illegal Pets: This documentary follows two pet owners who find themselves caught in limbo with no legislation to protect or govern for renters with pets and the impact this has on them, their pets and their homes together.

Directed by – Fiadh Shanahan

Photography Showcase

This digital showcase will display a variety of photography work created by photography learners over the course of the past year, from still life to portraits and features images from the course cultural trip to Budapest.

Photographers; Allison Bendey, Gabriela Blajek, Bradley Thomas Bourke, Mariana Buranova, Elisama Da Silva Moreira, Iain Cross, Liam Duffy, Avia Gurman, Celine Mermier, Matthew Morrissey, Anna Nagle, Marc Notre, Helen, O’Callaghan, Chloe O’Callaghan, Shauntelle Ponde, Adriana Vitorino Trevizan, Richie Wells, Alan Dillon, Ciara Foley, Helen Brandon, Kate Harty, Daniel O’Sullivan, Jessica Ryan

Animation Showcase

Animation Screenings from Multimedia, Animation and Game Design learners;

Leon O’Connor; The characters Leon has created are all capable, powerful people with serious handicaps that they need to overcome or live with. For example, the Angel, Kalisto Maldra is crippled by her shattered soul. She can’t defeat her nemesis unless she remakes her own soul. Then she can ascend to her multi-winged form.  Art is Leons way of expressing his own personal experience with overcoming difficulties.

Vlasov Hlib’s main interest is in horror games and fashion. In the future he plans to become a concept artist and use fashion as inspiration for character design combining horror and fashion.

Tom Laffey; A fantasy story set in a world where monsters are themed around keys and locks. The main character, a Key-Knight, goes into a dungeon to hunt a large Snake. The character’s name is Claudia. Her appearance is based on the mixture of a knight and a playboy bunny girl making her contrast against the fox-like serpent that she fights.

Animation Screenings from Art and Design learners

These are 2D animations are created using Adobe animate.

The Tortoise and the Hare by Cathal Cleary

Travelling Green is Magic by Madeline Cleary

Amoongus by James Curran

Animation Stop-Motion Screenings by Art Craft Design learners

Art Craft and Design Learners created Stop-Motion animations by hand crafting and animating half-human, half-animal mythological creatures. A great way for students to explore their imagination and creativity and provide an opportunity to learn about different mythologies.

Mysterious Forest by Kateryna Vishemirska

Mermadness by  Anastasiia Bozhenko

Bastet by Hanna C. Chernova

Forest Spirit by Daria Matsak

One Day Stevins by Malgorzata Foks

Some Enchanted Evening by Jean O’Rourke

Forest Accident by Valentyna Vykhovanets

Elven Mystery by Diana C. Cherevko

Suzanna by Yullia Samoilenko

College Of FET, Mulgrave St Campus, Arts Festival is a vibrant celebration of creativity and talent, showcasing a wide range of art forms such as film, photography, animation, fashion, music and visual art. It brings together leaners, departments, and emerging artists from various disciplines to share their artistic vision and express themselves through their unique perspectives. 

The Arts Festival is a wonderful celebration of the diversity and vibrancy of the arts, and a testament to the transformative power of creativity. 


  • Tickets are free but booking is essential.
  • Seating is unallocated for this event.
  • No exchanges or refunds.
  • Wheelchair spaces can only be booked over the phone. Please call box office on (061) 953400 if you wish to book a wheelchair space.
  • On street parking.

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