College of Further Education and Training Arts Festival - Lime Tree Theatre

College of Further Education and Training Arts Festival

College Of FET, Mulgrave St Campus, Arts Festival is a vibrant celebration of creativity and talent, showcasing a wide range of art forms such as film, photography, animation, fashion, music and visual art. It brings together leaners, departments, and emerging artists from various disciplines to share their artistic vision and express themselves through their unique perspectives. 

During the festival, attendees can immerse themselves in a rich cultural experience and enjoy a variety of events and activities, including film screenings, photography showcases, fashion shows and discover new music, and explore the imaginative world of animation. 

This festival aims to provides a platform for learners to showcase their work and gain exposure, while also promoting the many creative offerings available at the campus 

It’s an opportunity for learners and staff to network with professionals in their fields, and for the community to come together and appreciate the power of art to connect people and transcend boundaries. 

Overall, the Arts Festival is a wonderful celebration of the diversity and vibrancy of the arts, and a testament to the transformative power of creativity. 

Thursday 25th May

Official opening of the festival and opening of Art Exhibition | Belltable Gallery | 7pm

Film & Animation Screenings | Belltable Theatre | 8pm -9.30pm  

Friday 26th May 

Fashion Show | Belltable Gallery | 1pm 

Music Showcase | Belltable Theatre | 2pm -3.30pm 

All events are free but booking is essential for the screenings and showcase. Book here.

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