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Young Programmers Panel

Bualadh Bos Young Programmers Panel

The 2021 Bualadh Bos Young Programmers Panel is a group of children from Limerck City and the surrounding area. Working with Liam, the children will attend workshops and performances throughout Bualadh Bos and offer their feedback and responses to the artistic programme. The children will attend introductory workshops in drama and critical thinking. They will also meet with artists as well as Lime Tree Theatre | Belltable staff.

The Young Programmers Panel aims to place children’s voices and opinions at the heart of our artist programming for younger audiences. We hope that the children’s responses will significantly influence next years Bualadh Bos festival as well as our artistic programming throughout the year.

Bualadh Bos on Tour: Community Workshop Programme

Lime Tree Theatre | Belltable are excited to announce Bualadh Bos on Tour, an exciting new Community Workshop programme as part of our upcoming Bualadh Bos Children’s Festival. Working with children in our local schools, we will produce a series of workshops in creative writing and drama, led by playwright and Belltable artist-in-residence, Liam McCarthy.

Liam will work alongside performer Darren Yorke in a multi-disciplinary and fun-filled approach to experiencing art in the classroom. Over a series of workshops, Darren and Liam will enable the creative potential and expression of our participating children and young people. These workshops will link into the exploring and making strands of the Drama and Creative Writing primary school curricula.

Keep an eye out on our online platforms and social media, as some of the children’s artwork may be shared online throughout the Bualadh Bos  Children’s Festival!


For more information: If you have any queries about the Young Programmers Panel and how to get your child involved or if you want to find out more about the workshops please contact Liam McCarthy on  

Bualadh Bos

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